Demento was a legendary guardian who fought in many wars, the "blood brother" of Galanoth. Until his death at the hands of Drakonnan's Army during the Great Fire War.


When Demento was 10 years old, he went out to gather wood for camp and a wyvern swooped down and grasped Demento in its claws.

A 5 years old boy, named Galanoth, saw this and ran off towards Demento. As the wyvern swooped down to carry Demento off, Galanoth jumped in the air and grabbed hold of Demento’s legs and didn’t let go. Their weight together was too much for the wyvern and she dropped them back down.

Some time later, Akriloth appeared and burned down Galanoth’s family farm, also killing his family. Demento’s family then offered Galanoth to stay with them. From that point forward, the two became blood brothers.

Demento was one of those that arrived to Battleon from very early (as well asGalanoth, and others).

Demento was unfortunately killed by Drakonnan.


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