"I was supposed to be better than my father... instead I was blinded by ego...."


Warlic is widely known throughout Lore as “the Blue Mage”. He is a powerful 5’50’ tall 1 wizard who can help you train as a mage and wizard. He also sells useful spells and magic items. He is the owner of a Magic Shop in the town of Battleon, and the trainer of Mage Class. He is also recognized as one of the greatest wizards in the world of Lore, given the title of Archmage informally.

Xan and Warlic were once friends attending the Swordhaven Magic Academy. Both fell in love with the same girl, Jaania, resulting in a magic duel between the two powerful mages. Warlic accidentally set Xan on fire. It would have killed him, as Warlic was unable to stop the flames, but he did manage to change it to a healing fire instead, keeping Xan alive. As a result of the fight, however, Jaania was trapped in a crystal. Warlic believed the only way to free her was by his and Xan’s combined power, but Xan swore he would free her on his own. He also swore vengeance against Warlic.

Warlic also shares a tower with Cysero, but Warlic cannot stand Cysero’s mess, so they painted a line down the center that neither can cross.


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