"When I moved in Warlic asked if I wanted to be in charge of laundry, bills, or something else. I chose explosions!"


Nothing is known about Cysero’s childhood or how he became a weaponsmith. The only confirmed fact is that he met and moved in with Warlic at some point. His failed experiments and dirty laundry got on the mage’s nerves, causing them to split their tower in one straight yellow line. It is not clear about why he actually needed to move into the tower; he barely stays in one place for too long, constantly searching for ways to make more powerful items.

Cysero was not in Falconreach for a very long time; instead, he left one of his malfunctioning orbs in charge of the store. The only glimpse the Hero had of him was the golden statue behind Valencia. When Xan attacked, Cysero came back to help the ruined town out. However, the Hero had blacked out, so they did not meet him. He sent a letter to them explaining that he would help make powerful weapons for them.


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